My Week – May 4th through May 10th

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Technically this includes a few photos from the week prior as well, but hopefully you’ll let that slide.

In which I drive to California…

Bosler, WY
Bosler, WY. How… inspiring.
Glenrock, WY
Glenrock at least has better roads.
Salt Lake City
Utah offered a better user experience.

Salt Lake City
In which I “settle in”…

A bed in the bedroom might be a nice touch.
Balcony view from the “master” bedroom. Not much to look at.
The most important thing. Fast internet.
Work station (of doom).

In which I eat delicious things…

Dutch Bros.
Obligatory Dutch Bros. Caramelizer photo.
Pizza. Not even close to Yia Yias quality.
Eggs Benedict with chile peppers and jalapeño bacon.
Tri tip burger. Very much yes.


In which I meet the locals…

Deer selfie

Dear sticking his tongue out Baby geese

In which I explore my new surroundings…

IMG_2406 IMG_2430 IMG_2440 IMG_2461 IMG_2467 IMG_2476 IMG_2555 IMG_2566

Knocked out an 11.5 mile bike ride.
Knocked out an 11.5 mile bike ride.

IMG_2571 IMG_2572 IMG_2574 IMG_2597 IMG_2609 IMG_2662 IMG_2669 IMG_2678 IMG_2728 IMG_2733

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